Why do I feel tired all time

Why do I feel so tired ?
When walking you should feel revitalized and energized but you could feel fatigue if you over do it but always monitor lifestyle factors to ensure your health is in good order.Keep hydrated,check medical conditions with doctor.Bad dietary choices will promote tiredness.

Feeling rather shafted


can be the result of a very busy lifestyle overwhelming work load also too much caffeine and alcohol not to mention a over active social life that regularly goes into the late night.But it also could be something serious that may-be worth looking into.
symptoms could be lack of sleep,change in eating habit’s or the loss of interest in normally interesting activities.difficulty in concentration,loss of energy,hard to remember things.
Sleep Apnea
Sleep disrupting problems interruptions of breathing during sleep also snoring and tiredness the following day.
millions have type 2 diabetes but a huge number don’t know this.Sugar also called glucose type 2 diabetes is not working effectively in the body so it causes a build up in the blood.They can notice excessive thirst,hunger,irritability and exhaustion. there are two tests that can be taken for diabetes – fasting plasma glucose or oral glucose test.There is always help out there for anyone experiencing symptom’s for most of these tired related cause’s but always listen to your body

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