Walking clothes :

Move naturally

Avoid old track pants and cotton,heavy bulky gear.Clothes should be light ,smooth and help with a natural movement during your walk also Synthetic fabrics adapts well with many different climates.Walking tops should be easily removed one by one as the body heats up.
Wearing reflective gear
where locations are poorly lit to insure safety but make sure your comfortable and able to move freely in your chosen gear.
In warm weather you may want to wear light colored and light weight materials like polypropylene,the key is to evaporate sweat from the body and cool down skin.Many companies are now providing ultraviolet protection.In wet weather there is a lot of gear designed for rain and drizzle but umbrellas are useful in moderate rain but not so good in windy conditions.

night walking ,light gear

Night wear
If you are considering wearing black and walking at night be sure to have reflective stripes and safety vest which have light colors.Avoid pants that are tight for the simple reason you don’t want to be in a position where you feel uncomfortable during your walk.Women should chose a sports bra that fits well.
Additional items
Open fingered gloves are a great item for the cold also the dark,especially reflective gloves for greater visibility during the night. Illuminite hats,jackets etc will help you be seen in the dark from any angle and they will appear normal in the day and glow in the night.




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