Walking to lose weight

You will need to find time for your new healthy lifestyle.Developing a routine and diet that is balanced and nutritious.
High intake of fruit and vegetables will provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals that you need to function properly but if you need help with some juice recipes go to juicingrecipes4weightloss.com
Fit walking into your day
Your goal is to fit 20 minutes of walking into your daily routine at least 5 times a week.With desire and dedication you should be able to get 20 minutes into the walk session weather before work,during or after.Monitor each walking session for distance,time calories burnt off but make it fun and rewarding but you will notice your energy levels increase.

Walking correctly
is all about good posture and will help avoid unwanted joint and back issues.Ease back shoulders and stand tall you will find that your head falls back on your shoulders.Try and hold in your abdominal muscles.

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Walking is one of the easiest and best ways to lose weight
Must not forget to mention walking is a total body work-out stripping away unwanted fat.It’s important to work-out regularly than to work-out once a week at a high intensity make sure to take notice of breathing taking deep breaths to provide your muscles with the oxygen they require.
A simple starter Goal
20 minutes : speed 5 km/h : steps 2000 Distance : 1.5 km : calories 100 but after a week or so you would want to continue to increase ever slightly over time 10,000 steps is the ultimate goal of many professional’s and fitness experts suggest this number but remember it’s meant to be enjoyable and time out to enjoy the surroundings,open air give yourself a chance and introduce variety to keep motivation high.


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