Walking r.i.c.e

(rest,ice,compression,elevation)   Building fitness can be a challenge and there will be setbacks you may get bored of walking but check progress,improving your cardiovascular fitness and bodies tone,muscle’s will push you towards your goals.So keep up the monitoring,recordings.



A serious Injury can stop the progress but if you injure yourself it is best to stop exercising or slow down it is common when your pushing your body beyond its comfort zone. In the unlikely event you do get injured or sprain/strain any body part use rice REST : It means resting your injured body for twenty-four hours or more post-injury even if you are not on crutches.

will help massively with an injury ice  will help with pain,slow down pain signals where nerves link to central nervous system also reduce inflammation.



Cover,wrap the injured area firmly in a bandage to reduce swelling which can cause prolonged rehabilitation if swelling is not bandaged.


keep the injured body part higher or equal to level of heart. Keeping foot up while lying down will reduce swelling greatly but remember to always apply treatment with-in twenty four hours this can be the difference  between a few days or weeks off recovering.After twenty four hours if the person is still in severe pain it is best to consult a professional who can treat injury

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