Walking persuasion

New Habits 

Learning new habits and making them a part of daily life can be a challenge.We all know and have heard of the excuses we come up with to avoid exercise – check out the article “no more excuses for not walking”The good news is there are a few parctial ways to get around thembut understanding that doing exercise will really mean many amazing things for you.

New direction

Starting the process in your mind followed by words is a good place to start.Taking the first steps to planning out your regular walk routine is a step in the right direction.



New motivation

For some people motivation is natural and comes easy but for the masses it can be difficult and require help or a few stategies to get the ball rolling.Understand the positive affects you will gain by starting a walking routine the increased energy and health benefits.

Keys to walk persuasion

If you need persuasion get organised get your walking tools ready clothes,bottle,shoes,rest up etc..the night before your start.Keep track of progress by keeping a walking log book this will simply allow you to look over performance,weight reduction,energy levels etc….

Effects of change

Remember you want to release those happy “endorphins”to improve your feelings and emotions this is almost a life changing effect in it self worth making.continue to improve well-being and energy levels over time.If you are new to walking and struggle to start out consider the following – start small,increase steps daily,take a walk in the mall or beach to begin with,take the steps not the lift always.