Walking heat wave

Walking in the heat or hot sun can be dangerous

Lucky for many of us we can use a treadmill or use a covered area such as a shopping mall.

There is a danger of cardiovascular risk if we walk in high levels of heat.

The body has to work harder

Walking in such hot conditions can put a lot of pressure on our hearts. This pressure can cause less blood and less oxygen in our circular blood system. Our hearts will be working harder as waste builds up in our muscles.

The body temperature  will also rise and will replace  blood into the capillaries of your skin to reduce blood flow and you will have to slow down.



These problems can be avoided

You can chose to walk in the early morning which is the normally the coolest time of the day.

A walk in the evening can also bring down body  temperatures because of both lower humidity and lower outside temperatures.

A build up of some heat can be caused by using a hat and other clothing

Drink Plenty of water:

Eight classes a day is often recommended. But even more water should be drunk when the weather is hot. However, this should not be done during the walk or workout

There are a number of symptoms that can be experienced of these heat problems:

These can occur if training covers long periods in hot humid conditions.

  1. a) A feeling of being faint.
  2. b) A headache or feelings of nausea
  3. c) The head becomes excessively hot or overheated
  4. d) The person experiences excessive sweating
  5. e) The person’s breathing becomes rapid and increases.
  6. If you suffer from any sort of cardiovascular disease/problem or have a history of certain medical conditions such as: (i) “high blood pressure”,

                                                              (ii) asthmas

                                                             (iii) epilepsy

then you should avoid “heat training” and in very heated outdoor conditions use indoor exercise.