5 ways to walk off limitations

Exercise produces endorphin’s

Did you know that stress and lack of physical movement affects all areas of the body and cognitive health. Endorphin’s produce a chemical in the brain that help improve your confidence,sleep,energy and vitality.Exercise should always be used to manage stress, keeping to a regular walking schedule can provide help in reducing stress.

Walking improves our mood’s

It can reduce the many symptoms of depression and anxiety but it will increase over all energy and help with being a lot clearer on your thought process.Remember that motion produces emotion.”walking emotions” 


Better breathing

While walking you will be able to notice a big difference in your breathing the more walking you do the better the body is in building carbon dioxide which will help with effective and efficient blood flow.The dilated allow large blood flow within the body to help shift oxygenated blood to all muscles.

Mental Health

When you walk outside your mind is processing the weather,temperature,climate everything you smell or see etc…. is bringing a increased awareness of the environment so this will reduce the amount of time spent on symptoms of anxiety or depression.It is much harder to worry about other things when you are surrounded by many things that distract you.

Meditation and prayer walk

Many people may not have heard of a prayer walk but believe me it is very common this form of walking can release anger and stress and help anyone connect to God as well as exercise.Pick a enjoyable scripture to meditate on.May-be a scripture for that actual day or walk but you should have the intended purpose of bringing joy and peace to your prayer walk.