4 Reasons why walking wins over using a treadmill

Walking is one of the best ways to get the exercise you need on a regular basis. You could use exercise equipment, like a treadmill or an elliptical, to get this exercise, but nothing really replaces a nice walk outside. Here is why you should consider going outside for your next walk instead of going to the gym. 

You can get some sunshine.

Your skin takes sunshine and turns it naturally into Vitamin D. The human body can naturally produce up to 25,000 IU of this needed vitamin when you take a daytime walk around your block.

Couple walking at the beach

You get to utilize a natural walking motion.

Walking on a treadmill allows you to use your natural gait, but it changes the actual “feel” of walking. If you’ve stepped off a treadmill after a long walk and it feels like the ground is moving underneath you, it’s because you’ve changed your natural walking motion. The dirt of a nature trail doesn’t keep moving underneath your feet with each step.

You get to save money.

Even a cheap treadmill to use at home may cost $200-$400. A gym membership might be $40-$75 per month. Going outside to take a walk? That’s free!

You get to have a conversation with Mother Nature.

Every walk you take outside is a little different. Maybe you’ll see some wildlife or you’ll get the chance to have a conversation with a neighbor. You can sit underneath a tree or you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of wildflowers. It is a simple joy that a treadmill can never replicate.

Walking outside is something we should never take for granted. It is an effective way for you to get your exercise while experiencing some of the best things life has to offer. Put on some comfortable shoes, get outside, and discover what is waiting for you today.

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