10 reasons why to use Nordic pole walking

This is one of the fastest growing activities for body exercise.

The use of these “Nordic Poles” can give many beneficial effects.

A large percent of your body’s muscles become involved in this exercise.

Nordic Pole walking is like skiing without snow or skis shoes. You need only shoes.

nordic pole-walking

This activity was designed to give the whole human body a complete workout.

It also strengthens and gives endurance to our bodies. The results have been amazing.

Many scientific studies have shown tremendous health benefits and most Importantly the improved fitness is almost completely risk-free.

Cardiovascular health

Nordic pole walking has the great advantage of burning up 40% more calories.

High percent of muscle used in a work-out

It also incorporates at least 80%  of all the muscles of the human body.

It can not only improve our immune system but also reduce many areas of pain in our body.  a)  back pain.  b) neck pains, c)  reduce stress on joints: e.g. i) hips, ii)knees, iii) ankles.  d) improve muscle mass, e) improves fat burning enzymes, f) improves the metabolism of the whole human body.

Nordic pole walking vs jogging

The impact of jogging on the human body is three times your body weight  as  that of walking.  Thus jogging can cause problems  on all the joints of the human body.

It is safer for human joints.

Many people who have taken up this form of training have had joint or even arthritic problems  have discovered that with Nordic Poles they have more control and stability in their walking and actually increases their confidence in doing this activity.

It will help to produce joint liquid that helps a smooth joint –motion.

This style of walking and other forms of walking can give a gentle endurance training of our bodies. Nordic pole walking can keep our cells and skin young which supports our immune system. This makes the human body more energetic with renewed hormones and emotions.

Research in science has shown that exercise can improve a brain’s function

 NPW. can , therefore, the brain function and produce what is now called “Nerve Growth Factor [NGF]” a drug that affects the brain.

A warning:It is very important to learn a good technique and have a correct and comfortable body posture when you are doing the N.P.W.