Walking off depression

Walking is a great way to relieve the symptoms of depression many with this condition will feel loss,dullness,helplessness and lonely.Walking can be one treatment towards helping with moods and emotions,walking with a long term plan combined with professional treatment can be a useful way of controlling depression.


Walking provides exercise,sense of well being,getting out and about using diverse locations can bring about change to a person with depression.
This form of exercise can give a new perspective on Goals and personal achievement.I suppose keeping a log book can detail places walked and time taken,good thoughts created.

Naturally eliminate anxiety and depression

Walking can be uplifting
Walking should be enjoyable,tranquil and help with bad emotions,it will go a long way in distracting a person from unhappy feelings and encourage confidence.
Apart from taking your mind off problems it should also provide a chance to meet new people, form friendships even the act of a simple smile could help improve social skills and give you a lift.
Mental health studies show that walking was a huge method in alleviating depression,I think mainly with men they tend to keep their emotions locked inside,symptoms may present themselves in anger,rage and short tempered which is just a few to mention,walking is a treatment for many that is effective and inexpensive and very easy to do anytime anywhere.

Walking the dogs

Take steps now

Take action to improve fitness and vigor over the whole body while boosting Cardiovascular system……..so give it a decent go!!!

Write it down – we all know that a problem shared is a problem halved.If you have experienced something upsetting write it down on paper can help can lead to increased awareness and moving forward rather then bottling feelings away.

Look at something you like – find beautiful scenery which can instantly boost your mood.Experts have found when people gazed at art work etc.. they noticed the major bloodflow to parts of the brain increased by as much as 10 per cent also the same was true for photo’s of loved one’s.For more information please visit joyfulantidote.com

Bible verses for depression : Proverbs 3:5-6,Matthew 6:34,Matthew 11:28 Psalm 34:18 Joshua 1:9,Luke 23:36,Timothy 18:16-19,Isaiah 46:1-13,1Peter 5:7.

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