Juicy Walk

Walking or Power walking
Should be followed up with a well-balanced diet,juices and smoothies provide valuable fluids like vitamins and minerals essential for great health.

juicy walk


Fruit and vegetables can help protect against sickness,cancer and many other health problems.they are low in fat high in energy and there is no loss of nutrition which happens with cooking.
Lower your Cholesterol Dramatically!
Fluid intake
Walkers should be aware of fluid intake because even small amounts of dehydration affects co-ordination,concentration etc.Drinking in this form will help make the bodies job a lot easier when breaking down food.The digestive system will have a break and will increase good food enzymes.
Other benefits of juicing are Decreased cravings for junk food,better digestion,leaner waist section,healthy skin,increased stamina and energy.higher energy levels.
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Awake Juice 
2 Carrots,3 apples,2 inch slice of lemon and a slice of ginger.Will keep tissues strong and healthy ginger is also a natural antibiotic.

juice drinks


Boost Juice
Small cucumber, 1 stick celery ,3 apples and 1 kiwifruit.After a workout enjoy your drink while relaxing plus sodium and potassium are two vital minerals.
Plus Juice
Half a Cucumber,1 stick celery,1 cup of spinach,3 apples,1/4 lime,1 orange this will bring life to every cell in the body.
Candy Juice
1 ripe mango,300 ml of cranberry juice,150 g of peach yogurt.
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