Walking Emotions

Walking Emotions are key!!!
How do you feel about your behaviour and emotions ?
There is a knock-out effect between Health behaviours like eating,exercise and many other factors such as whether you smoke or drink a lot of alcohol I would go as far as including gambling,working hour’s etc.If you feel good about ones emotions and state of mind for instance your ability to exercise then you are most likely to behave healthily in other areas of your life.
Motion creates emotion

So just little steps are what counts little and often are really what counts to build healthy emotions use small motion – small movements are better then nothing to begin with!!

walking emotions

walking emotions

Small baby steps first
If you plan two or three hour-long sessions and it does not happen you’ll probably feel frustrated,upset and feel you let yourself down and believe you can’t stick to anything.This will impact on your behaviour and emotions which will see other bad habits start to call out or jump in place of positive habits.
Intergrate walking emotions
Add slowly into your Lifestyle .Walk 10 minutes,walk the dog,walk to the shops etc.Have a flexible schedule this will be more manageable and unlikely create negative feelings.
Aim on getting up your steps wear a pedometer to record your steps,look for opportunities with-in your day to increase step’s.Evidence shows walking improves mood and feelgood chemicals,positive emotions.
Walk 4000-5000 steps everyday
Keep a fast pace optimum walking pace (owp) enzymes will be released which help your body turn oxygen and carbohydrates into positive emotions and energy which create lasting vitality !!Healthy body = equals healthy mind and this will create = healthy emotions.We all need to get control over bad emotions and walking is a great tool that anyone can use on a daily basis.

Learn to ride that emotion

A fear of feelings can lead to some bad habits,such as bad eating,thinking etc..instead try to ride the emotional wave without reacting to it.Feelings usually burn themselves out with in about an hour but to objectively observe them helps and methods like walking are massive.


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