Walk or run

Walking and running

Walking and running both improve cardiovascular health and improve muscle strength in many area’s of the body but both forms of exercise will go a long way to help fight off diseases like high blood pressure,high cholesterol,diabetes and many other sicknesses.

Both get the job done

I personally have tried both but I have to say I enjoy walking much more but of course I am Bias.The key should really be to get toward 10.000 steps a day and it’s a straight forward plan. A runner will get the job done a lot quicker but the walker’s journey will be easier on knee joints,hip joints.With-out good running shoe’s you could be in for some major pain or even an injury so invest in good shoe’s but always replace worn-out shoe’s as soon as possible.

Walk or Run

Walk or Run

Walk or Run

Walk or Run

Low impact

I believe walking is by far the safest and easiest work-out because for a person who has never started a weight-loss plan the thought of running on a pavement at a high pace is totally overwhelming.The low impact,gentle and simple way walking can be incorporated into your regime and lifestyle is attractive.I think if you are light-boned,light weight running could be a good choice for you but with-out any doubt running will burn fat faster and calories quickly.

Runners knee

Always start small you can’t expect to start sprinting like a sprinter when you have hardly been out walking down the road.Start slowly and be aware of “Runner’s knee “which normally happens if you have not been doing much fitness and start running at a high pace.


The greater your weight the more force you will put on the joints but with modern technology we tend to sit for longer periods which create great risk to bone health,cardio health so which ever activity suits you and your comfortable doing you should continue on with.


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