Walk more often

How can you walk more often?
Firstly you could try to include walking into each day.Adding Walking everyday into your schedule will help create a simple walk plan.
Stick to a program
Your program should have at least 5 to 20 minutes because that sure is better then nothing at all.Make a record of walk’s and write down total steps,how long it took.Be flexible some days you will have to change the schedule around to make sure you get a walk into your daily schedule.


Take up a new place to walk when you have extra time on your hands if your body is sore or your feeling weak etc.

Couple Walking at Pillar Point

Slowly increase intensity
It is best to increase the intensity over time but main thing is to keep active each day.Be aware of your walk and keep in mind how the body loves movement enjoy the  feel you get with natural movement when walking.You can add prayer or meditation to your walk.
Take deep breaths put total attention to each inhale and exhale but be present in your body.Keep to a comfortable pace try not to think of anything else but where you are walking in that moment be aware of surroundings.You can also consider walking with head sit with natural sounds or music which claims your emotions but walking outdoors will help improve your moods and feelings.



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