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Women Cancer

Breast cancer is now a common problem in any society but walking can certainly help reduce your risk.Majority of studies show a strong link between the amount and intensity of the exercise a women doe’s and her breast cancer risk,but exercise is one way of taking positive action to reduce the risk.Studies also show vigorous exercise of at least 4 hours a week would significantly reduce the likely hood of developing cancer than compared with sedentary women.

Consistency is key

Consistency is crucial studies showed that for those who exercised regularly for more than three years or more gained more protection.Research has also discovered that women with higher physical activity levels are half as likely to develop colon cancer as sedentary women.


Healthier pregnancy

Women who walk can continue safely during pregnancy providing there are no know risks or contraindications,women who exercise during pregnancy are less likely to suffer diabetes,preeclampsia (one symptom of high blood pressure ) they also notice higher energy levels,better sleep patterns,increases baby birth weight by 5 per cent.One word of caution is not to over do it this will only create unwanted stress.Doing more isn’t necessarily better always listen to your body.No one wants to live longer if it means bad health and pain but walking regularly will add life to those years if you don’t give up but stick with your exercise plan to reap the benefits.

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Brain health

It is amazing to know that not only do muscles profit from regular walking work-outs but your brain is benefiting also.Physical activity enhance blood flow and therefore oxygen supply to the brain which improves memory and mental function.Many studies show the more intense the exercise the lower the chance of developing alzheimers disease.

As we mentioned before you can not expect to train once and then stop for a few weeks or months and see real benefits of cause you have to put in the effort and continue to improve regularly.

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