Trouble Sleeping

How do you feel each day at your waking hour?
This is a key to how well you slept during the night.We all need restorative sleep to function and survive,sleep deprivation can result in the following bad moods,bad concentration,fatigue,irritability and immune system failure but there are ways to improve sleep.Always maintain a regular sleep pattern by getting to bed the same time this should lead the body into a good sleep routine.
Power nap :
Take a power nap during the day if you had a late night.keep your natural sleep rhythm so you will wake up each day naturally.If you have insomnia try to only nap during your set sleep times napping during the day may keep you up all night instead.Bright light will wake you up so cover all windows with dark curtains, find a comfortable room temperature around 65 degrees.


Ways to improve sleep :
Walking will improve your health but if you get in a 30 minute walk into your daily lifestyle this can improve your sleep immensely but avoid exercise 4 hours before sleep because the adrenaline will continue on after your workout.

Anything is possible in a world of dreams.


fluids :
Beverage and caffeine make sleep difficult so its best to not drink anything 4 hours before sleep even water or fluids before you go to bed as they may keep you up running to the toilet.
Other tips :
Take a shower or bath just before bed time this will relax the mind,body and emotions.Breathe in and out slowly imagining and feeling of  deep sleep,I know that soft music can be useful and counting backwards 100-1 for the pure reason its so boring it will bring on sleep.


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