Treadmill exercises

Treadmill walking is excellent

Great for burning extra calories each day also for cardiovascular endurance which improves blood flow and helps boost circulation.It will help to maintain a  healthy weight which reduces joint pain and other problems caused by being over-weight.

Treadmills can be handy

When the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities.Set a play list first so you can focus on your treadmill exercises to maintain motivation adjust music to your ideal level of intensity.Smart phones,Ipads are useful because you can plug in headphones.

Treadmill knowledge

Always ensure you totally understand the machine you are going to use for your work-out.Remember a lot of accidents happen on treadmills so check over all the functions and buttons so you are clear on how to use it properly know before hand hot to push quick stop button if you experience any pain.Do not get off a treadmill adruptly this will cause you to lose all balance but slow down the treadmill before getting off and hold onto the handrails and place one foot at a time on the rubber strips before pushing stop.Use the treadmill side rails when you feel you may fall over or in case you slip

Slow incline walking

This can give a greater work-out increased motion at the hips,ankles and knees so the lower part of the body is worked.Try and find a speed that challenges you but always start slowly because in a real walking environment I doubt you would walk no-stop at a high rate.

Change settings to explore your pace and distance or speed up the walk to keep interest levels high.You should try to work out of your comfort zone thou but don’t over do it !!!

A simple program example would look like the following 

Try 5 minutes walking between 2.5 and 3.5 mph

1 minute run – find a challenging pace heart rate should reach 80% to 85% of your max.

2 minutes recovery walk until heart rate falls between 120 -135 beats per minute

Alternate jogging and recovery intervals for 20 minutes then followed by 10 minute slow paced walk.

Walking backwards on a treadmill works many muscles in a new way but should be done at a very slow pace to begin with but to get the most of this method try not to hold onto the rails.

Discover your ideal settings explore with what you find to work best when you work out – everyone is different or speed up the walk to keep intensity levels high if your bored.

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