Tips on measurements



When you do your measurements it can be difficult to get perfect details but another person can make a huge difference.

There are devices that can be effective which have a lock value.I think the important thing to remember is to measure yourself the same way each time.

belly measurement


Neutral position with arms out to the side with level shoulders.Ensure tape is level at each point.
Tape horizontally around the chest important to position over the nipple line. tape around your waist midway between ribs and pelvis normally around the smallest part of the waist.Navel place the tape on the belly button area.
Hips you need to find the top of your buttocks and take the hip measurment from this point,it will be consistent as the top of your buttocks will stay firm in one place threw out.
feet hard together measure upwards from knee cap tape around both thighs – one circumference.
Same instructions but when measuring the waist there are two ways first relax and measure over belly button this will let muscles extend comfortably and then flex,squeeze your abs then tape horizontally over the belly button.Becareful not to force or pull to tight as this will give a much lower reading.Measurements can be taken during meals this will help to not increase the reading as you want to maintain an accurate measurement.

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