Sunscreen for walking

Are you protecting yourself in the sun ?
The sun has to be taken seriously!! mainly if you intend on going for long periods out in the sun walking .
It is very risky if you have fair skin have light eye color or light colored hair but we all have known someone who just allowed themselves to get seriously sun burnt and who just forgot to put on some sunscreen or couldn’t be bothered.
Sunscreen options
For some its just a pain in the neck using sunscreen but there are many way’s you can avoid the hassles of the sun screens that stick.Use a spray or lotion,there are very useful face spray sun protection products now.


Use SPF 30,35,50,55 etc……sheilds from U V B,U V A  which can cause cancer but there are many longer lasting sprays available.
The best time to go for a walk are early mornings or late evenings to avoid harmful rays but UV rays are strongest around 10 am – 4 pm also sweating allows for a better tan but also allows UV to do more damage to the skin.
Understanding sunscreen
unscreen means that once applied correctly it would give you for example SPF30  would mean 30 times the protection you would get unprotected skin would have.It doe’s depend on activities like swimming and exercise so if you were in the sun for 10 minutes and got burnt SPF30 would give you 300 minutes of protection but it would depend on other factors like skin type etc..It is recommended that you use SPF30 or higher that is water resistance broad spectrum sunscreens protect from UVB and UVA which cause premature skin ageing.

A few friendly reminders 

Sunscreen slows down the aging of skin and wrinkles

Will reduce blotchiness and red veins

Prevent skin discloration

Skin cancer is increasing and the percentage is growing.

Ozone layer is depleting and the human body lets face it need’s protection from harmful rays.

Do not use expired sunscreen as this will offer low or zero protection and will only cause skin irritation.


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