Sunglasses for walking

Sunglasses may save your sight !!

Non polarized : Are a good choice for running and walking as well as having the benefits of balance and eye comfort which is always important while walking.

Lightweight : Give good comfort and ease to your daily outdoor activity.

Changeable : lenses for sun brightness and for dark shaded area’s

Comfort : Will be less likely to slip off your nose while walking always consider built in U V A and B C radiation to prevent skin damage , water resistant lens,impact lenses in some cases.

Very light is best but high quality shades must be well fitted for extra benefits.

The price tag of sunglasses doesn’t mean that the quality is superior or going to provide UV protection this is a misconception.

Sunglasses for the outdoors

This is very important for children.UV eye damage by the sun is worse when children are still developing,growing so its a must to protect them.When looking for sunglasses for summer  always chose sunglasses with 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection.Bigger is better it will help insure a wider area is protected.There are many great things for the eyesight like good diet, fruit and vegetables and fish but when dealing with UV it’s best to always have good sunglasses.We all know how important it is to protect our skin from (UV) damage but our eyes are much more sensitive to (UV) damage so good sunglasses should be a must.Dark or tinted shades that do not offer much (UV) protection can cause more damage because the pupils get larger in the sunlight which let sunlight harm the eyes.


To avoid problems like cataracts caused by damage to the lens inside the eye which become cloudy and as a result they need to be surgically removed it is important to get old sunglasses tested by a optician for peace of mind.


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