Rhythmic walk

Walking can say a lot about your personality and style?

Have you ever noticed feeling happy while walking?But did you know you may imitate a happy style of walking with-out being aware of it.

Researchers have found that the way a person walks can actually effect their mood.That is some bold statement but its true.If we look closely at two simple techniques that can change ones state for example the depressed mood would require shoulders to be adjusted forward and arms down to each side with-out much movement eyes looking to the ground vs the happy mood of shoulders high and arms swaying side to side in a rhythmic way chin parallel to the ground eyes looking straight in front of you. 


Walking Posture

Posture is important to maintain a good rhythmic walk but try to stand straight,keep your neck straight avoid a sway back this can be uncomfortable if your on a lengthy walk and you don’t have to look like your marching in the army.Have your abdominal muscles tight and squeeze your buns and start with slow breathing with your nostrils until you start to breathe heavier and begin to use you mouth.

Gaswerks Park

Swing motion

If you would like to build stronger arms,triceps,biceps upper body you will need to swing arms naturally with each step bending your elbows.This can eliminate swelling,numbness if you have ever been walking long distance and noticed these problems it may well mean you have not used your elbows enough and have had your arms down by your side for long periods.

To practice a rhythmic style of walking remember these key points 

Don’t allow chest to drop

Heels lead and roll to the ball of your feet while keeping your pelvis even.

Arms swaying 

Good posture 


Relaxed pace

Focus on relaxing and forget about racing because its easy to not enjoy the whole process when we focus completely on fat burning,calories,carbs,speed and so on….and so on 

Music should match your pace of walk.

keep a straight back

Lastly move at a confident,relaxed pace but with control over each step insuring swayed rhythmic movement.

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