Walking synergy

The evidence is growing and  research is becoming more explicit and detailed on how “walking” can add to our “quality of life”!

Medical experts

now confirm the fact that regular walks can maintain better cardio health and reduce joint damage.

For each hour walked

you can safely say that you have added two hours to your life expectancy. This is amazing news.

walking to get healthy

The human body

Is designed for forward motion exercise. In ancient times “walking” and running were survival activities.

7 keys to longer life

1 do more exercise can statistically expect to live longer than those who do very little activity.

2 We now know that regular exercise increases  our cognitive powers which in turn give us a better attitude and better moods in our everyday living.

3 Regular walking can bring positive changes also within us. Our ancestors, many many years ago had to cover long distances by foot.

4 Our Bodies can adopt a “fast food mentality”. It will look for the quickest route or ways to save resources by doing the least amount of work and exercise. This can create in us a slower heart muscle which will slowly lose its effectiveness and allow deposits to build up in our arteries.

5 The key solution to this problem is to do a long distance exercise such as walking. The heart needs to be kept in shape by regular exercise . This important muscle needs to be pumping blood  and made resistant to illness.

6 Endurance walking is created by distance walking and making the walking exercise long enough that the body can effectively process its energy.

endurance walking

7 Each muscle in our body has thousands of muscle cells that are ready to work to keep us moving. If these muscles are “pushed” they will help to improve their functions. They become stronger and more efficient at moving blood  in the body and removing wastebefore new blood is pushed through the whole blood system .


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