Walking off Diabetes

1.The more you move the better you are able to build up insulin resistance.

You are going to need to keep up with muscle contraction which helps maintain diabetic  fighting benefits so it is important to have a daily exercise plan.

2.There are so many activities to choose from: a) running. b) cycling. c) aerobic exercise. But I would suggest walking because of the following benefits.

i)   It can be done at anytime, anywhere.

ii)  No gym fees or funds are needed

iii) There is almost no risk of injury or damage to  body even if you have chronic pain. Walking can still be done.

iv)  It allows for conversation with someone or a group of people.

3.Steps to be taken:

i)   Begin slowly

ii)  Start with just ten minutes a day

iii)  Then increase your walk each week.

iv)  Try to keep to a regular time for your walk

v)   Find a time that suits you and which you are going to be free and stick to each week.

vi)   Remember to have two rest days per week.

vii)  Always listen to your body tasking two days off . This will give you long term benefits and stop you from over training the good parts of your body and prevent.

4.Have a group or at least a partner once a week. This helps to mix up the routine.

 Make more options so as to reduce stress. Sit down and look at ways to feel better so as to cut down stress.   

5. Weigh yourself at regular intervals.

It is said: ”The more often you weigh yourself the more control you have over your weight”.  Losing some weight also helps to prevent diabetes.  

[Portion size ] Keep a limit on the portion size of each meal. Make sure its high in fibre and low in fat.

Reduce your belly fat: High levels of abdominal fat are linked to a large number of diseases and can also increase the level of  resistance of your insulin.


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