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If you are walking or working -out then good shoes are important toward’s preventing injury.You would not want to stop training because of pain caused by inappropriate shoes.Quality shoe’s can help prevent ankle and foot damage but provide a enjoyable experience.

Sport’s and exercise shoes can improve your performance but should reduce the impact of each landing or step made while training or walking.Experts involved in sports foot wear suggest that running shoes should be replaced after around 400 – 500 miles.Runners need support and flexibility as a runners foot impacts the ground with much greater force.

Walking shoes are more to optimize a walkers efforts.Key points in walking shoes are reducing strain on joints,muscles and ankles.Walking gear like shoes are your most important item when you start fitness walking plan.If you are walking for fitness and plan to walk less than 5 miles in one walking session then it is recommended to use light-weight cross-trainers.Walkers generally create half the force or impact that runners make so require less cushioning but if undertaking race-walking it is critical you use correct footwear as you need flexible shoes to allow your feet to roll from heal to toe.If you are using shoes for marathons then you must consider quality race-walking shoes ideally running shoes for long distance use.