Pram and Buggy walking


Pram and buggy use
In some cities pram or buggy walking is very common many places have regular events or group meetings.
It is a great way to keep healthy and socialize without the need for a baby sitter or child care which is a plus.A good buggy should be user friendly in parks and forests even in rural or urban routes.
In winter it should be able to adapt to all weather conditions and be well wrapped up for winter and wet conditions.It is a great option for mothers and babies.



Consider the correct fit
A light weight buggy or pram would be best for safety of injury as some can be heavy and you will not be stopping for a rest as often.adjust height etc…for suitable walks. Consider what will fit into your house and car get correct measurements.Get an all terrain for beaches and muddy places.Single swivel wheel at the front can help and check wheels are fill of air carry air pump in case.Your exercise routine may get put to the side because of lack of time due to children,but why not consider pushing a pram or buggy add a healthy diet and may-be some strength training and this can be a effective weight-loss program.
Walking and pushing a pram and buggy can be highly effective for cardiovascular health but will burn more calories if you chose to jog at different intervals for
say 40 seconds during your walk.

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