Keep track

A great tool for serious walkers is a Pedometer which will count your steps.A simple system to which can keep data on personal efforts and track of each walk.

It will collect data on weather records,personal log,review goals and progress increase but it will pay to read instructions for maximum benefits plus help you wear correctly.Wearing on the side of your waistband above the hip will insure it is safely positioned on the body.It will keep a record of each step.

footprints pedometer


Clearer results

Note taking can give walking speed,pulse,rate,calories etc….at the end of the day it will be a major help to getting clearer on calories burnt not just a pocket device. The many walker’s aim for 5000 plus a month steps and it can be easier to maintain your progress with this device.

Pedometers are able to record your daily steps

Pedometers help keep track and distance which is fun.Wear your pedometer all day or just when you work-out.Some are more accurate then others these are coiled spring and hairspring mechanism.But it is best to note what you are most important in keeping track of when deciding on a pedometer.Speed and pace estimate pulse monitor,ability to time and track specific work-outs,stop watch or goal settings are all great things you can use.


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