Walking opitions

There are different walking styles that people can use. You can incorporate many of these styles in your exercise routines

The Power walk:

You will need to walk fast and take slightly bigger strides with swinging arms and moving the arms with force both forward and backward.

At the same time you should be bending the elbow at ninety degrees so you can target muscles in the upper back.


This is normally slower than a typical walk. The best part about “a stroll” is that you can talk comfortably without getting breathless.  This type of walk has a very low intensity.

lady walking

Brisk Walk:

This is a moderate intensity exercise. . our breathing is rapid and on such a walk you should sweat after ten minutes. This is great for any weightloss program.


Walking with weights:

When you use a weight belt, vest, ankle weights etc. it will increase the demands on the heart and muscles. This exercise should increase the amount of fat you are able to burn off. But be careful that you don’t place too much stress on posture and joints. Stress at this level can cause problems.

Mall Walk:

Shopping Centres provide a safe and indoor option for walks. You can work-out and window shop at the same time. Be careful you don’t lose focus because you can be distracted  by the coffee shops, bakery shops all with their drifting smells etc.

Bush Walking:

Bushwalking will provide the great advantage of the outdoors and cross country paths and tracks. It is a way to get close to nature and another way to spend time with friends and family’ You can add intensity in in the exercise by using slopes (stairs) and hills which will burn fat and weight.  You could make the decision to only use steep hills and slopes(stairs) within the area of bush or forest. 

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