Practice slim

Create new self image

Anyone who is trying to lose a huge amount of weight must take the first step of using the conscious and unconscious mind to utilize it to get the healthy body of there dreams by using powerful statements and words that empower positive beliefs about themselves.By doing this you create a powerful subconscious mind which will help change your habits.

The mind controls all parts of the body and the way you think will impact on your thoughts about your life and self image.

Joyce Meyer Think beautiful thoughts and there will be no room for the ugly ones



Feed body and mind 

Take notice of what you feed your mind and body on a  daily basis. Try to create a healthy long term eating plan that works for you we all need the right foods to keep our complex bodies to live so start eating to live not live to eat.The key is a balanced and nutritious meal plan with calories control.

Develop new habits 

Getting into a habit of exercise even if its a simple 10 minutes walk each day but start to develop a new habit.If you don’t like the thought of going outside for a walk of if its unfamiliar and lying around on the sofa feels much more familiar then you will need to take -action toward walking outdoors to moving toward the familiar new habit.It will come back to changing our mind which will change actions but if you remain faithful to your new habit becoming slim will become a reality.

Move towards slim 

That is why “practice slim” is not just about the physical body but about the subconscious mind moving towards a good experience and pleasure that is why many people have kept hold of destructive behaviours and repeated over and over because of the subconscious has made a link with that habit so changing old beliefs and creating new healthy habits will bring success long term.

But it’s important to continue to give your mind healthy on-going suggestions so you don’t slip back into bad habits.keep training your body but keep creating suggestions and practice slim.

Move towards slim

Move towards slim