No excuse’s for not walking

Walking is easy

Walking is truly an under rated exercise but most of all it is relatively easy to do.You need no equipment or can choose to do it alone or with other people and socialize while getting into shape.

A great way to reduce stress and increasing relaxation.The more you walk the faster you walk the quicker you get fit.

Scientifically Tested

Walking regularly has been scientifically proven to reduce stress,prevent strokes,reduce asthma and providing a long list of health benefits helping with diabetes and many forms of diseases not to mention some cancers.

walk wonder

Its very hard to make excuses for not taking a walk!

Common excuse’s to not train 

1 too shy to train in front of other’s 

2 Can’t afford a gym membership

3 Not fit enough

4 I don’t have experience 

5 I am to fat or over weight

6 no one will train with me

7 Venue is closed

8 It’s too early or too late 

Keep things simple

I wonder how many of these you have noticed or used but there is little room for excuse’s to pull out from a walking routine.The only few things you really need are a pair of good shoe’s and loose fitting clothing that won’t weigh you down.

Aim to walk 4-5 days a week 30 minutes a day and it is ok to break up the 30 minutes into 2×15 minute walks but be sure to gradually increase the time you walk as you get fitter.

May-be you struggle with commitment or motivation.

Try to form a habit by doing your exercise the same time each day.You could invite a friend or family member to join you for your walk or join a walking club.

Walk in different locations

The shopping mall,beach,bush etc…keep it interesting if you do get bored.But it’s important to keep up the activity to gain fitness and feel more rejuvenated after your walk plan.