12 tips to add to your walking schedule

The schedule is important

Schedule your walks to suit your day and the rewards you give yourself will greatly influence your motivation to walk.

Your effort to control

how you feel about work outs and planned walks can make a great difference.

A key to having fun

Is to never over-do yours routines. Try to keep motivation high and slowly build up your training to improve all aspects of your effort.

12 tips for walking


Write down your progress

and your level of commitment will help you to follow through with your daily schedule.

Try to find ways to enjoy walking

to enjoy each walk and use  a variation of locations for each walk.

Have an Alternative

if the weather changes. In wet weather use an indoor space or even a treadmill.

Reward yourself

with a healthy juice or a smoothie. This will at least connect your brain with walking benefits.

People who train feel better

for three or four months can become addicted to just the feelings which a walking plan can give. Such a walking plan can give a new found attitude of being positive and creative

Always listen to your body

and be sure to take extra time out to recover from aches, pains, and possible burn out.

Add variety to your walk

by taking family members or co-walkers who are interested in this data on walks and that it will enhance your relationship and experiences with others.

Your aim is reduce weight and be fit

has the responsibility of making your commitment to taking walks an occasion of fun and part of your everyday life and keeping you on the right path of improvement.

Exercise will increase

your self- confidence, and self- esteem.  Many studies show that regular walks will help to reduce depression. Therefore, take the necessary steps to start your walking program.