Healthy walking

Keep up a healthy walking pattern
Walking benefits are many but when you begin a new program it’s always a good thing to talk to your doctor mainly if you are not in good shape but walking daily will create massive change’s to your health.
Walking improvements
Outwardly you will find your fitter,toned but inwardly you will feel stronger lungs,lower levels of blood sugar cholesterol also weight,size.
Walking will reduce aches and pains,sickness but increase mobility,balance and over all well being improve life expectancy,improve brain power and reduce chances of dementia.

Ronédi Engroff @ Joy Model Management

What the experts say

Studies show that it can keep your mind sharp and could ward off mental issues.Walking changes mood,the body releases endorphin’s which give off a happy feeling which will help out with depression.
Walking can greatly help with Diabetes by lowering your chances of developing type 2 and mainly prevent the root cause which is Obesity -5000 to 10,000 steps per day can can greatly reduce the effects of diabetes.

Check the evidence
There is a lot of evidence to show how brisk walking can help to prevent many cancers it even has helped with recovery of treatment,side affects such as fatigue etc. Being over weight or obese can cause so many diseases for example breast and colon cancers even cardiovascular illness.


Walking is easy on joints,muscles and bones which could help those with arthritis where they are unable to do real stressful impact exercise etc…if you are struggling with fatigue from surgery,treatment the thought of intense training or exercise may-be impossible but working towards 5000 to 10000 steps per day is Ideal starting point whatever your health objectives it will help you discover new energy.
Consider it like a valuable investment or insurance.