Footwear can be underestimated 

It is a major component to any successful walking/running fitness plan…. 

Always look for shoes with the correct shape for your feet and also sock’s which fit comfortably it is worth noting you can insert a Orthotic to give you extra support.Once shoes wear out you should always replace them with new ones because worn out shoes really can cause a lot of harm and damage
Know your true foot size …comfort is essential,good shoes must be suitable for all weathers example for this would be running shoes or cross-trainer’s which need to be for all climate like wet/dry conditions.They will help prevent things like injuries,pain,blisters but cross trainers are a huge advantage in the higher impact area’s they also appeal to all age’s groups and sizes.

Check for your fit and design before you hit the road
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Walking socks should have a soft padding to avoid blisters and damage to feet
Cellphones Should always be kept with you most people do carry there mobiles when walking in case of any event or problems which may happen.
Applications can be used by walkers esp.Those who love a bit of technology will enjoy the many exercise challenges they can have with friends included are facebook,twitter,other social networks.Updates are constantly being offered for these applications.
Trace a walker’s fitness,pace,speed and even distance.Listen to regular announcements (earphones) communicate improvements and keep data on community events you can even keep track of calories burnt during fitness walk.

best of luck and more importantly have fun
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