Cool as Ice walk

Be cool in ice!!
Slipping and falling or for the matter being injured badly is not cool!even when area’s are clean and well maintained some surfaces are slippery and dangerous.
Cold temperatures
Need extra care and depending on where you are in the world you may need to approach this with full on planning and precaution.
Avoid smooth soles and heels wear boots take it easy in and out of vehicles keep your muscles relaxed.Keep hands out of pockets but generally its important to continue your progress weather it’s wet or cold.



Snow walking or ice walking
This kind of walking is not what you really want to do for fitness because of the risk of injury but if you do find yourself in these conditions then avoid being totally erect walk consciously in ice stay aware of the fact you may slip with-out any notice.Also don’t have heavy loads in case you lose your balance.
Knowing how to fall is going to prevent major injuries.They recommend the “tuck and roll” principle which requires you to tuck your body and lift your head avoid trying to break the fall with a hand which could cause injury or damage to wrist but try and fall with body to one side.
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Who walked on water – review book of Mark 6:45
Just slow down and think carefully about next move keep body loose as you can spread feet to around a foot length apart to gain a base of support.Keep your center of gravity lower to the ground this will stabilize the body then take small steps but try and use the whole foot when placing into position.
The key is to remain claim and cool as ice.


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