Benefits of walking

DO YOU want improved metabolic rate and more?
The longer you walk the more calories you are going to burn.It’s best to firstly focus on distance before speed to avoid injury or fatigue.Increase the amount of time you walk each session.
If you are totally new to walking exercise then you will notice increased energy levels, your leg muscles and arm muscles will slowly develop and strengthen.
The benefits of walking
Walking can reduce the risk of heart disease and lower the risk of obesity.walking helps boost your over all mood which will decrease stress and depression,it will increase your basal metabolic rate which is the number of calories you burn each day while resting.Its free so you won’t need to join a gym.
More sunlight
When walking outdoors in the daylight your building the body’s stores of vitamin D this is a nutrient that we need for bone health to immunity get a little more time out in the sun but always use protection,be safe and only stay in the sun for limited periods of time to avoid harmful damage.
More feelings
Walking will release endorphin’s those feel good feelings which flow into the bloodstream to help with stress and anxiety.Increase blood circulation,which in turn will reduce the risk of stroke.
Other benefits
walking has many other benefits but one of the most common is weight-loss and it’s a enjoyable way to lose unwanted body fat.Its a high pick on any fitness list.


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