Back Pack for walking

Back pack intensity
Using a backpack can have amazing benefits if of course this is weighted with something suitable.It allows a walker to burn off calories and will surely add to the intensity of the walk.

I once used a back pack with lemons this gave me a intense walk and helped me sweat off a few calories.But always listen to your body and don’t over do things I have built up a regular walk routine where something like this is not a problem for me but you got to build up your steps slowly before even thinking of walking with weighted loads 

walking backpack

But major needed care for stress on joints and knees some even avoid the whole practice of holding weights etc as this can be very dangerous to the body and can cause injury if incorrect balance and positioning is used.Shoulder straps need to be padded.
Extra Load
Weight adds extra load to “walk” suitable weight for back pack about 10% of walkers body weight is ideal.Water filled containers for extra weight so you can increase muscle tone,increase cardio vascular tone.
But the general key is safety to avoid unwanted injuries that may prevent you from a decent walk.

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