About us

Welcome to walkinggeartips
The goal is to help anyone who is looking at different way’s to enjoy exercise mainly using walking ..but also to help many people with different device’s and tool’s to make walking a great hobby.


Because we forget how many health benefit’s are linked with this natural movement like increased Cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) improvement.

Walking for Fitness



I have decided to share some more insights into this very popular activity which is used by the great number of age group’s,sizes and shape’s for health and fitness.
After working for 7 years for a Charity providing Suicide prevention programs into communities and schools and adding walking into my daily routine I began to notice how important daily walking can be in transforming mind and body also soul.
Walking had the lowest drop-out rate among any exercise under taken but the main thing is it will help physically,emotionally,mentally and spiritually,experience a better body shape and natural weight loss – a better YOU. It’s  enjoyable!!.It will improve all areas of the body but most importantly have fun we must remember we have this amazing natural tool called walking!! …….thank you again for your visit and search and hope you find something useful and for tips and info on weight loss be sure to visit : juicingrecipes4weightloss.com cheers and God bless Patrick.