Welcome to Walkinggeartips.com

Maintaining good health can take time and effort but this site will help you walk towards a better you… new ideas for all age groups and size groups.
Hopefully you can make your first step towards a more vigorous you, but more importantly have fun and stay energetic.Start implementing a simple walk routine today.

Walking is addictive and improves the function of many areas of the body 


Why: You ask… walking will reduce the risk of many Health conditions.Regular walking help’s with fitness. It improves the function of the heart

Here are just a few reasons  Better circulation helps brain function which will help

reduce depression and prevent all kinds of diseases.Walking is a natural way to lose weight.Walking releases “Happy endorphin’s” which will improve breathing.

Duration : Walking for at least half an hour each day combined with a healthy diet can reduce the risk of high blood pressure,reduce obesity will lower diabetes as well as reduce many health conditions.

Improves swelling,knee pain,Cleanse negative emotions,improve Quality of sleep

There are many ways to add walking to your routine like walking to the shops,use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator leave the car at home possibly visit a friend who is in your area.

Walk quickly to work muscles and improve Cardiovascular system.

Keep a super trim waist line  walking has the lowest drop-out rate but all the best with the walking